When: February
The carnival is one of the most popular celebrations of this city, in which there are days of parades, costumes, and above all the joy of living. At the Teatro del Carmen, the 24th of the contest of traditional musical theatre takes place. Preliminaries and the contest are held together, with only three finalists remaining. The parade is february 25th, when there is a massive costume parade from the Pilar neighborhood to the Plaza de las Carmelitas, where the prizes for the best costumes are presented.

Representation of the Passion of Christ in Cajiz
When: Easter
El Paso de Cajíz, one of the living representations of the Passion of Christ that can be seen in the region of the Axarquía, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The scenes represent the Herod's Palace, the Judgment Room, the Samaritan Well or the Orchard. This play that every year is enacted in Cajíz and that stages the act of The Resurrection, is the only Andalusian performance that interprets this religious painting.

When: March or April
All the inhabitants of Vélez-Málaga, and visitors from all over the Axarquía region and elsewhere come to Velez Malaga Holy Week, because it is listed as one of the most predominant in Andalusia, and possesses a great splendour. As well as the greatest exponent of the Andalusian religious traditions in which the twenty-five thrones, true works of art competing in splendour, processions of eighteen brotherhoods can be viewed. Before the parades the traditional Via Crucis de la Soledad takes place through the streets surrounding the convent of San Francisco. On Palm Sunday there will be two processions in Velez, the Pollinica and the Virgen del Rocío.

Romeria of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
When: May 1st
The events begin with a Eucharistic celebration, and then the pilgrimage is held to the camping area of Taramillas, then a floral offering is made and the Virgin of Carmen is placed in the church of San Andrés de Torre del Mar. About 20 yokes of oxen and cows participate in the pilgrimage.

Cross Day
When: May 3rd
On the Day of the Cross (May 3) commemorating the taking of the city by Fernando the Catholic King, the inhabitants decorate the streets with altars and crosses and a popular fiesta is organized, which is always very lively, next to the Cross of the Lamb

Romería de San José
When: Second fortnight of May
It is celebrated in the neighborhood of San José, and begins on Saturday with an Eucharistic celebration and with the carrying of the image of San José to the Benamargosa River, returning on Sunday.

Romería de la Virgen de los Remedios
When: around May 15th
In mid-May the pilgrimage of Our Lady of Remedios is celebrated, characterized by a pleasant atmosphere of coexistence and brotherhood , beginning with a Eucharistic celebration in the hermitage of the Hill and then in an olive grove of the Camino de Torrox . This celebration is attended by many visitors and typical of the city because the celebration of other localities has been added to this celebration. Food and drink are also distributed and a dressage contest is held. From the month of May to September, the "Romerías" are held in the different villages honouring the Patron Saints of each village.

Day of San Juan
When: June 24th
On the eve of St. John the contest of júas, " straw dolls" and other acts are held, as well as the ritual of washing the face with sea water or diving into the nine waves as established by tradition is fulfilled.

Virgin del Carmen
When: July 16 th
On July 16, the festival of the Virgen del Carmen is held, which is the summer fair of Velez-Málaga. It is a massive maritime procession in which the virgin is accompanied by decorated boats and impressive fireworks. There is also an international chess tournament and presentations of flamenco and modern music.

Feria de Santiago and Santa Ana in Torre del Mar
When: July 25th-29th
This fair is held by Torre del Mar for five days, in which different activities are carried out such as the procession of the Virgen del Carmen, both in the streets of the village and in the waters of the coast, there are also musical and folklore presentations, various competitions for children and adults, a varied gastronomy and the celebration of Fair Day on the Paseo Marítimo.

The Royal Fair of San Miguel de Vélez-Málaga
When: Around September 29th
It is one of the most important celebrations of the Axárquia region, highlights being the day time show in the streets of the historic centre. During the holidays there are performances of choirs, sports competitions, gastronomic tastings and various recreational activities dedicated to children and adults.

Virgen of Remedios Coronada
When. 3rd Sunday in October
On the third Sunday of October, the Virgin of the Remedios Coronada is lowered in procession from her hermitage to the church of San Juan, where she is until the second Sunday of November in which she is returned in procession to her sanctuary.

Los Remedios
When: November
After mass in honor of the patron saint, Our Lady of Remedios in the parish church of San Juan Bautista, the image of the Virgin is transferred to her Hermitage on the Hill. Then the throne of the Virgin is carried on the shoulders of the men through the streets of the village. Before her entrance to the hermitage, where she will remain until next year, the image will be put in front of the city so the faithful can say goodbye and finish the festivities. There will be a firework display.

Living Bethlehem of Almayate
When: December 29 and 30
This celebration is the representation of the birth of Jesus, made by the inhabitants of the municipality. Twelve scenes are depicted, from the Annunciation to the escape to Egypt.
Two pigs are slaughtered, whose products, as well as chestnuts and porridge that are made during the period, are tasted at the end.