Torrox belongs to the region of the Axarquía. The mild climate and the warmth of its people make this place very special, so much so that the people have received the award of "place with the best climate in Europe", thanks to its eternal spring, characterized by average annual temperatures around 18 degrees. This is possible due to the mountains surrounding the village and the proximity to the beaches of the Costa del Sol, in the valley of the Torrox River. In fact, between the two areas of Torrox, Torrox Pueblo and Torrox Costa, they 4 kilometres away. The landscape that you can enjoy is subtropical, because it combines its seven beaches, with a total of nine kilometres of coast, with a mountain system that prevents the arrival of annoying winds. Torrox has several festivities throughout the year, which you can not miss if you want to enjoy first hand the Andalusian culture. Its main fiestas are:

When: End of February
The Torrox Carnival begins in the Plaza de la Marina de El Morche and features contests of murgas ( a type of musical theatre) and costumes. At the same time, the carnival is celebrated along the roads of the town.

When: Check dates by year
The processional parades of Holy Week are held in the village on Thursday and Good Friday, in addition to Easter Sunday. It is on this day that the Risen One is carried through the streets, adorned with fruits and vegetables from the harvest.

May Crossings
When: May 3rd
The May Crosses which are celebrated throughout Andalusia,in Torrox, have the peculiarity of being made with pots instead of just flowers. These are placed on the stepped altars, along with small items, and the walls are adorned with garlands and shawls. The altars are placed mostly in the courtyards of the houses and, around them, the celebrations are organized, accompanied by roscos and rice candies.

Romería de San Antonio
When: in June
The pilgrimage of San Antonio is held for three days in honor of the patron saint of the neighborhood Nuestra Señora de las Nieves. It is enlivened by music and wine from the region. Villagers and groups of the neighborhood collaborate in this procession.

Saint John
When: June 23rd
As in the rest of Andalusia, Torrox also celebrates San Juan, with the classic burning of the júas, (straw filled dolls ) the leaping of bonfires and a series of rituals in which water plays a fundamental role. Among the traditions, it is worth highlighting eating in the countryside or on the beach, and wetting the head in a fountain, asking for three wishes.

Virgen de las Nieves and San Roque
When: August 5th
Patron Saints Day is celebrated during the month of August with a program full of activities for the whole family and all tastes. The transfer of Our Lady of the Snows and San Roque (patron saints of the village ) from the hermitage of Our Lady of the Snows to the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation. The Saints remain in the church for two months; on the last day of the Torrox Fair (in October), they move back to the hermitage. The procession is accompanied by regional dances and fireworks.

Romería Virgen del Carmen and Feria de Agosto
When: August 15th
The Virgen del Carmen celebrates its festivities on August 15th , in the hamlet of El Morche, in which a seafaring procession of the Virgen del Carmen takes place. It coincides with the Fair of El Morche. Four days that are characterized by fishing contests and musical performances. Strangely enough , the Virgen del Carmen is usually celebrated on July 16th; however, in Torrox takes place in August for tourist reasons.

Tourist Day
When: in September
Torrox honors its visitors, both national and international, during a day in September. The celebrations are held on the beach of Ferrara and have tastings of crumbs, arriera salad, sardine spit and drink. Children's games are available to the little ones.

October Fair
When: in 2019, October 3-6
The October fair, which takes place on the first weekend of that month in honour of San Roque and The Virgin of the Snows, is the moment when the patron saints return to their original hermitage in which they remain for the rest of the year. The fair is held in October because the inhabitants of Torrox went to harvest in August ( after the day of the celebration of the patron saints) to return only at the end of September.
For four days, the fairgrounds of the village host booths with tastings of typical products and musical performances, starting with a performance made by the students of the Municipal Academy of Music, followed by a parade of giants and, at night, the lights. The day fair is held in the Plaza de la Constitución and the most exciting event of the Fair, which also ends the days of celebration, is the transfer of the patron saints back from the Church to the Hermitage.

Migas Day
When: in December
The Fiesta de las Migas, declared of National Tourist Interest, pays homage to the most typical dish of local gastronomy on the Sunday before Christmas. Crumbs are the ideal dish for field workers, made with leftover bread toasted with meat and chopped vegetables. Try a portion of this typical dish, accompanied by a glass of wine and a salad arriera, next to the Mercadillo de la Almazara.
The celebrations continue in the Plaza de la Constitución, with dances and music and, although Sunday is the main day, Torrox always has activities and cultural events in the previous weeks.