St Anton
When: January 17th
One of the most popular festivals are those held in honor of Saint Anton, the patron saint of animals.
It is held the weekend closest to January 17th in order to extend the celebration. The festival begins with the transfer of the image of St. Anton from the hermitage to the local parish church. A musical group will liven up the popular fiesta and this will be alternated with flamenco performances- On Sunday, a mass will take place in honor of St Anton, after which the horseriders that accompany the saint in procession are blessed, the villagers also take the animals to the pilgrimage to be blessed. It is is presided over by the image of St. Anton.

When: March-April. Check dates
During Holy Week processions are held such as the one on Holy Thursday, where the images of Jesus and the Virgin of Sorrows, are carried up to the hill of Calvary, a place not far from the town-
On Good Friday the women take the Virgin of Solitude in procession. At 12 o'clock on Saturday night a mass is celebrated, and once the religious ceremony is over, a bell ringing signals for the men to prepare their shotguns and fire blanks.
Then rockets are launched that announces, very loudly, the Resurrection.
Then the 'Peter' is taken out, a doll that is stuffed with straw and burned in the town square, and then some inhabitants of the village with the local custom of going to the stables to release the beasts, which are driven to the town square , or also move the pots they find in the streets to force their owners to go the next morning to the square and collect animals and plants.

Corpus Christi
When: May 29
On the day of the Corpus the villagers raise altars in some streets, which are decorated with the best that is available, flowers, shawls etc and ,in addition, decorate the pavement with plant motifs. The procession of the Holy Custody, symbol of the body of Christ is accompanied by the village band and makes a stop at each of the altars, a ritual that is followed with devotion.

Feria of the Virgin of Hope
When: First weekend of August
The town celebrates the Fair in honor of its patron saint, Our Lady of Hope on the first weekend of August. The festive program begins on Friday with bell ringing and fireworks , enlivened by the music of the village band. Every evening you can enjoy musical performances. The next day the traditional Village race of Sedella takes place. There is also bike treadmill race, piñatas for the little ones, dominoes contest, football matches etc . And at night, the patron Saint Ntra. Sra de la Esparanza is brought from her Hermitage to the Parish of St. Andrew the Apostle and after this religious display begins the fiesta during which the queen of festivities is chosen. The villagers wake up on Sunday with a cheerful flowering target that announces the big day of the fair, a mass is celebrated and the Virgin of Hope is carried through the streets of the village, with a display of fireworks. There is also a children's party, dancing and musical performances.
At noon the floral offering to the patron saint takes place, and after Mass, Our Lady is carried in procession through the streets of the village. Again, the verbena is attended and in the early morning the party ends with the noisy sound of a trache ( a sort of horn)

Feast of the Fools
When: December 25th
Some men in the village dress up as crazy, dumb or deformed and ask single women to dance. Both these and their families, considered a smear to dance with a 'crazy', and to prevent that from happening, the men participate in an auction, as a ransom, so the so-called madman loses the option of taking her out to dance. The money collected is used to pay for the party.

New Year's Eve
When: December 31
Sedella celebrates the end of the year with the traditional party with cava and lucky grapes. This is attended by anyone who wishes, old and young.