Andalusia Day
When: February 28th
In this festival, which is the first festival of the year, the village celebrates the day of Andalusia. There are singing and dancing groups and the Town Hall congratulates the young people of the the village who have come of Age.

Holy Week in Sayalonga
When: March or April: check dates
As is tradition anywhere else in Spain, Sayalonga also celebrates Easter in the village during the first weeks of April, with the holding of processions along the streets of the town during Good Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday .
On Holy Thursday and Good Friday, at about 21:00 hours, masses are held in The Church of St. Catherine of Sayalonga. Then the procession departs from the Church to walk through the main streets of the town, with a massive pilgrimage of the faithful following the Saints carrying candles, performing penances and praying and chanting to the Saints accompanied by the village band. .
On Easter Sunday, the Mass takes place in the morning at about 12:00 noon, followed by an emotional procession. This is an important day in the Holy calendar . The village band accompanies the procession. .
In the hamlet of Corumbela, Holy Week is also celebrated and Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are days of processions.

Nispero Day
When: First Sunday in May
Nispero Day is celebrated First Sunday in May. Throughout the day there is free tasting of nispero and jam and the products of the village throughout the year are exhibited.
Declared a Festival of Tourist Interest It is celebrated in the middle of the harvesting season of nispero when the fruit is ripe. Also displayed are the products derived from nispero such as sweet nispero jam and the typical products of the village.

Corumbela Feria
When: early July
Corumbela has its own particular weekend which is usually held in early July.
Each village organizes its own Board of Festivities which compete each year to organize the best performances in the area.
To do this they make the edition of a feria guide with the companies and businesses of the area advertising and it includes the programme for the 3 days, which is distributed by the town and the local establishments weeks before the feria takes place.

Sayalonga Feria
When: Mid-July
These are the local festivities that annually take place throughout a weekend when we enjoy the summer season in the company of family and loved ones who come to spend these long-held dates and enjoy all.
Each village has its dates for the celebration of this annual event, and in Sayalonga it usually takes place in the middle of July.
You will enjoy the performances of great singers and famous artists; and enjoy the party until the early hours of the morning or at least while your body holds up.
The party begins on a Friday, and doesn`t finish until Sunday and is full of revellers dancing and laughing

Candelarias Day Night of the Lights
When: September 7th
On this popular holiday, during the night families gather in the cortijos and on the outskirts of the village in the countryside to enjoy the evening beside a large bonfire. There are songs, dancing, drink and food and the party goes on through the night.

Romeria de Ntra. Sra del Rosario. Patron Saint of Sayalonga
When :October 7
Sayalonga celebrates a Pilgrimage to the river, where all the people of the village gather together with visitors and make meals such as paella and enjoy a day in the countryside. .

Romería de San Pedro in Corumbela
When: October 29
This is the day which is in honour of San Pedro the patron saint of Corumbela.