When: January 17
The festival begins on Saturday, first with the procession of the Saint through the streets of the municipality; in the middle of this procession rockets are fired, and the procession is accompanied by the Municipal Band of Salares. It is customary, for the girls of the village to light flares during the procession of the Saint, in different points of the village. Later the dance and fun begins, with the election of the Queen of the Fiesta
On Sunday we have the Mass in honor of the Patron Saint and it is also when you meet the years people in charge of organizing the party for the following year. Then the Holy Saint will once again go through the streets in procession, this time accompanied in pilgrimage by a large number of horses, mules, etc. The procession reaches a place in the municipality, where in olden days threshing took place. This is where the village priest will bless the animals, and the horses, immediately after their blessing, will go galloping out.
Once the blessing is over, the procession will finish in the Church of Santa Ana, where the Salares villagers and visitors will say goodbye to the Saint until the following year. But, the party is not over yet, as the riders will go from house to house eating tapas, orange roscos and local wine. This fact is what makes this fiesta so full of character, being the only one in the surroundings where you offer something to eat and something to drink to the riders.

When: March/April. Check dates.
Salares celebrates processions during Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday during this week.

When: July 25th and 26th
Start on Saturday with rockets and bell ringing, enlivened by the village band walking the streets of the town. At night there is a procession of the patron saint Santa Ana. There are musical performances, and the Queen and maids of honour of the Fiesta and Miss Visitor are elected. .
On Sunday a mass is celebrated in honor of the patron saint with the traditional procession. There is also the traditional ribbon race in which horses and motorcycles enter. The little ones can have fun with treats for everyone. And, at night, there is dancing musical groupsl Finally, a great noises from a sort of horn announces the end of the festivities.

When: End of September
It is a three-day party that has as its frame of reference the Andalusian culture. It is a show of handicrafts and organic agriculture.
By way of other cultural displays such as gastronomy, music, poetry, painting and history. Salares thus pays tribute to its former inhabitants, turning its streets into a Moorish village with its souk and its villagers dressed in typical fashion of the times.