Festivities in honor of San Sebastian
When: January 20th
Since 1967 they have been reduced to the religious context: a mass and a procession with the images of San Sebastian, San Antonio and San Antón, since the popular festivities were transferred, so that there woudl be better weather to June 13th

When: in February
During the carnival, there are performances of musical groups and a party is also organized.

When: March/April. Check dates
Good Friday is the day when the Death of Jesus is enacted in the parish church, after which the procession of the Holy Sepulchre takes to the streets. However, it is the passage of Solitude that has the greatest solemnity: the streets of the village are illuminated only by the candles that the women who walk in the procession have. This gives the village a very unusal appearance.

Horse Day
When: May 1st
Celebration that takes place in the Cañada del Ingenio, where the typical products of the place are tasted and subsequently there is an exhibition of equestrian dressage.

May crosses
When: May 3rd
The villagers gather flowers, food and drink to prepare the celebration of the Crossroads of May, where religious, gastronomic and folklore traditions are mixed, which leads to a lively popular party in the Plaza de la Iglesia.

St. Anthony's Day
When: June 13th
The Frigiliana fair is held in honour of its Patron Saint Anthony of Padua, whose feast is celebrated on June 13th . Each year the roar of the rockets and the flowering target mark the beginning of the San Antonio festivities, which last for five days in which there are different activities and contests.

Popular Dance Contest
When: Early August
Numerous national and international folk groups convene to show their traditional dances in the municipal sports centre.

Festival of the Three Cultures
When: Last weekend of August
During the last weekend of August Frigiliana is decorated to show the coexistence between the three cultures of the village and allow all visitors to participate
To do this, special care is taken to cover various activities that offer a full range of options for all, regardless of age or origin. Thus, the festival has high-level artistic musical performances in a relaxed and familiar setting, lectures on topics related to the three cultures, exhibitions, gastronomic days and a sample of the popular gastronomy in the tapa route throughout the various village bars.
Street entertainment activities including: parades with music, juggling games, fakir, belly dancing and also children's activities with traditional games, storytelling, children's theatre, puppets... The streets are filled with a cosmopolitan and festive atmosphere with a market of the three cultures offering original products to the visitor.
The impressive success of visits and reviews of the first in 2006 encouraged us to prepare a another Festival with more space, more activities, and more on offer, supplying what our visitors wish to see and the Festival has already been considered of great tourist singularity.
There are about 15,000 visitors during the days of the Festival.