Archez, nicknamed the 12th-century Merinita Jewel, is a Moorish village located on the foothills of the Sierras de Tejeda and Almijara. Its urban landscape and the traditional Arab cuisine are a constant memory of the past of this small village located in the Axarquía.

Inescapable stopping point on the Route of the Moors, this municipality is also known for the delicious wine that is made with grapes from the vines that dot its territory. A perfect place to enjoy the nature, history and customs of rural Malaga.

The minaret of the fourteenth century church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, is the most precious jewel of Archez and an example of Almohade architecture. Built in red brick, it is 15 metres high, of a square structure and decorated in diamond shapes with plant themes. For its historical-artistic value, it was declared a National Monument in 1979.

The tower is the only element that is preserved from the old mosque on which the church of the Incarnation was erected. This Mudejar-style church has a single wooden nave , three dressing rooms behind the altar and niches with images on its side walls.

Archez also preserves remains of an ancient wall and three ancient flour mills. The most famous is Doña Fidela, located in the Turvilla River basin, very close to the centre of the village.

Strolling through the sinuous and narrow streets of Archez you can also admire its wonderful architecture, which evokes the Muslim past of this Axarquía village.