The Barrio Fair
When: January 20th
The Barrio Fair celebrates the other patron saint of Cómpeta, San Sebastian, on the Sunday closest to January 20. The neighborhood is the place where the hermitage of San Sebastian is located and, in the afternoon, the image of the saint is carried in procession.

San Blas Fair
When: February 3
On February 3rd, the blessing of bread doughnuts decorated with ribbons takes place in the church where the priest blesses them with holy water. After the bread is eaten those who have an illness put on the ribbions as it is believe they have healing properties.

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One of the highlights of Holy Week is the Via Crucis on Good Friday, which begins at seven in the morning. This celebration is known as the "Procession of Men" as only males participate.
At night, the departure of The Soledad, also known as the "Procession of Women", takes place. On this occasion, the image of our Lady is accompanied exclusively by women.

The Day of the Crosses
When: May 3rd
The Day of the Crosses is celebrated, as in all Spain, on May 3. It is the children and parents who make beautiful floral crosses that are then paraded through the streets of the village in a procession enlivened by the Municipal Band. The procession starts from the main square and ends at the highest place, "the Cruz del Monte", where the crosses are kept in a sanctuary.

The Summer Feria
When: Weekend Closest to July 25 th
Since January is not a month best suited to celebrations in the streets, San Sebastian is also honoured during the Summer Fair, on the weekend closest to July 25. A number of public activities and events are held during the fair, especially in Plaza Almijara during the day, and in the fairgrounds near the Plaza de la Axarquía at night.

Wine Night " Noche del Vino"
When: August 15th
Wine Night is arguably the area's most important and characteristic party. It is celebrated on August 15th to honor Our Lady of the Assumption, patron saint of Cómpeta.
Originally, farmers who set off for the harvest were given a popular farewell. It was in 1973 that one of the villagers Aurelio Fernández invited all the inhabitants of Cómpeta to drink the wine for free. Since then, the festival attracts domestic and foreign tourists, who on this beautiful summer day come to see locals dance the Sevillanas and play flamenco music in the Plaza de Almijara and, above all, drink the wine for free in the Plaza Vendimia. In addition, this is where the famous treading of the grapes takes place. The Wine Night has been declared a Festival of Tourist Interest of Andalusia.

Nights of the lights
When: September 7th
It is a traditional festival held in Plaza del Carmen where those who attend enjoy live music, schnapps and snacks around the bonfires. This is how the traditional Candelarias are celebrated.

Chestnut Night
When: October 31st