Most of the festivities held in the municipality of Canillas de Albaida, are religious in type. Some of them are organized by the municipality's own villagers, called Mayordomos and others are organized by the Town Hall of Canillas de Albaida. The villagers contribute financially.

When: in January
The festival begins on Saturday afternoon with the ringing of the bell of the Hermitage of San Antón. Then begins the Procession of the Patron Saint from his Hermitage, with a tour through the streets of the village towards the Church. Upon arrival at Llano de La Fuente there are fireworks. After the procession begins the fiesta.
On Sunday morning, it begins with Holy Mass, in honor of St Anton. Once the Mass is over, the Romería begins followed by numerous neighbors with their horses, mules, pets... Upon arrival at Llano de La Fuente, the traditional Blessing of Animals begins.
Then the saint is transferred back to his Hermitage, and then the all the neighbours and visitors are invited to a tasting of fried meat, chorizos, black pudding, and drinks. All this enlivened by a musical group. The dancing continues until the night, when the Fiesta finishes.

When: First Sunday in February
Our Lady is taken out in procession through the streets of the village. This tradition commemorates the public requests that took place in the municipality on the occasion of the earthquake that in 1884 ravage the region of Axarquía, as well as part of Granada.
Our Lady is accompanied by the villagers (mostly women), who are sing door to door carrying a candle.

When: February 3rd
Bakeries receive numerous bread doughnut orders. All the neighbors want a doughnut to be blessed. Each is tied with a coloured ribbon. At the end of it, the priest blesses the doughnuts with their respective ribbons.

When: Check dates
Palm Sunday celebrates the procession of "La pollina", as it is popularly known in Canillas de Albaida ( the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem.
There are processions on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday through the typical winding streets of Canillas de Albaida.

San Juan
When: Sunday, June 24, or the closest to it
The procession of the Statue of San Juan takes place from the church towards La Fábrica de la Luz, and is accompanied by villagers and visitors in wagons, cars, on horseback or on foot. At the Factory of Light everyone is invited to a plate of rice and a drink. Later in the afternoon, a mass of prayer is held, followed by various leisure activities: such as the ribbon race, children's theatres, children's dances, etc...

When: First weekend of August
This is the main festival of the town, its duration is three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), during which different activities are carried out. Friday the party begins very early, with fireworks and cheerful walks through the streets. In the afternoon will take place the traditional ribbon race. The ribbons have been collected by the which have been collected by the musical band in the morning, in the houses of the girls who have embroidered them. In the evening theres is a fiesta with groups and musical performances.
The day fair takes place on Saturday, in the town square. Fun for all young and old with traditional games, Also everyone is invited to a plate of paella. Then the Foam party begins. In the evening there is more fun with musical groups and performances. The Sunday of the fair is the day when tribute is paid to the patron saint Virgen del Rosario. A solemn mass is celebrated in the afternoon followed by the traditional Romería.

When: December 25
It is done in the town square, all the people are in front of the auction table and all the presents that have been given by the villagares are auctioned.
One person, is in charge of running the auction with no more help than his voice. People shout their offers, so until all the presents have gone.
The money raised at the auction is used for the Fair expenses.