When: February
The Carnival, in February, opens the festive calendar of Arenas, a celebration that is very popular here. The Plaza de La Iglesia will be the stage where most of the festival will be concentrated. Every year, from 18.00 hours begins a procession with many people of all ages participating usually about 50 costumes on display with prizes for originality and creativity.
The square of La Iglesia de Arenas will be the place where the performances take place , musical groups and murgas, a form of popular musical theatre, will be singing the best carnival choruses.

Fair in honor of San Sebastian
When: August
The main festivities in honor of Santa Catalina and San Sebastian take place in August, in which there is massive participation from the villagers.
The Fair begins with the production of a paella accompanied by beer and local wine . As is tradition, the homage to the elderly will be celebrated, with the choice of grandfather and grandmother of the year. The fun will come with the foam party . There will be all sorts of popular games such as the couples broom dance contest, Popular games such as the couples broom dance contest, and the ribbon contest on horse back or motorcycle

Mule Fair
When: 12th October
The City Council of Arenas pays homage to the animal that is the protagonist of the traditional agricultural work of the municipality.